Enhancing the advisor experience: Advisor Teams

February 1, 2024

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At Flourish, our product roadmap is heavily shaped by the feedback we receive from advisors. In our early days, we primarily focused on feedback that would directly benefit end-clients, recognizing that your number one focus as an advisor is serving your clients – and so we knew we needed to support advisors in that journey.
As the number of RIAs we work with has grown, ranging from boutique $200M shops to multibillion dollar firms to some of the largest national firms, it’s been clear that we need to continue to evolve our advisor experience to better serve the thousands of advisors that use Flourish today. From conversations with advisors, two key themes have emerged: (a) help advisors operate more efficiently and (b) help advisors do more on behalf of their clients.

Following the introduction of a new Overview page loaded with actionable insights last year, we’re excited to announce the launch of Advisor Teams. To further support advisors, we also announced significant enhancements to our invitation process, read more here.

Advisor Teams

Advisor Teams brings a new way for advisors to collaborate within the Flourish platform. This new functionality allows advisors to organize themselves into an infinite number of custom groups, whether based on working team, office location, or functional role, and easily share visibility of clients at this team level.

“We know that advisors often operate in team structures internally, and that no two team structures look alike,” said Jake Cogan, Head of Relationship Management. “We wanted to create a feature that would be customizable, enabling firms to tailor Flourish to their specific needs.” 

At a tactical level, Flourish “Executives” can create an unlimited number of Teams and add as many advisors as they’d like to each team. From there, advisors can assign both existing clients and new households to each team. Ultimately, Advisor Teams allows firms to ensure that every member of the firm can access information for the clients relevant to them.

This highly-requested feature may be especially useful for:
  • RIAs with multiple offices, grouping advisors in each location in a team (e.g. “NY Office, “Cincinnati Office”)
  • Advisors who work in consistent team structures, often pairing lead advisor(s) with junior advisors or client services staff (e.g., Diamond Teams)
  • Firms that group advisors by role (e.g., the “Client Services” team could be assigned to every household)
Advisor Teams allows advisors to mirror their existing working models within Flourish to their specific needs, making it an even more powerful, customizable tool. For more information on how to get started, see the Advisor Teams guide below. 

About Flourish

Flourish builds technology that empowers financial advisors, improves financial lives and retirement outcomes, and delivers new and innovative investment options to advisors. Today, the Flourish platform is used by more than 700 wealth management firms representing more than $1.5 trillion in assets under management. Flourish is wholly-owned by MassMutual. For more information, visit www.flourish.com.


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