Fireside reading for financial advisors 2023

December 28, 2023

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We hope that the end of the year finds you sitting by the fire – or pool – with time to relax and reflect on the past year. To prompt your reflections and help fuel your inspiration for 2024, we’ve gathered a list of recommended reading from the Flourish library. 

Inside look: Flourish Cash case studies

We pull back the curtain on how four firms are putting Flourish Cash to work. From Buckingham, one of the largest RIAs in the country, to RoseRock, a $160M AUM wealth manager in Dallas, learn how other firms are integrating a cash solution into their operations, expanding client potential, and adding more value to their clients’ financial lives.

The Cash Opportunity: Why cash matters and how to get started

Dive into our series of articles that explores why clients’ held-away cash – the reserve cash sitting outside the portfolio – matters. The series describes how gaining visibility into cash can help advisors expand client trust, enhance the relationship, and help advisors build their business. 

Security first: Bank due diligence + FDIC increases

The safety and security of our clients’ cash is our top priority. Bank failures in the spring were an opportune moment for us to share more information about our due diligence process, how we select bank partners, and significant steps we take to further ensure the safety of our clients’ funds, including more than doubling the amount of FDIC insurance coverage through our Program Banks.Ω

Down to business: New opportunities for advisors through business accounts

In the fall, we took a closer look at the banking needs of clients that run a business or manage a nonprofit, exploring how advisors can better serve this demographic and the new opportunities that helping them with their reserve cash can create. A case study explores business accounts in action at the California-based firm Thomas Doll.

Words from the wise: Speaker Series + Advisor Spotlight

We had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders who shared their experiences and insights through the Speakers Series. Personal finance expert, bestselling author, and podcast host Farnoosh Torabi discussed the connection between fear and finances, and how wealth managers can connect with a new generation of clients. Jill Schlesinger, an award-winning Business Analyst for CBS News and host of the Jill on Money podcast, joined us to share about her career path, the experience of introducing a flat fee in her RIA, and the role of cash in the portfolio. Earlier this month, we launched a new series, Advisor Spotlight, focused on hearing about the journeys and experience of financial advisors that partner with Flourish. We kicked off the series with Kaitlyn Carlson, Founder and CEO of Theory Planning Partners.± 

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